is one of South Africa’s leading tourism professionals. Before establishing his own business in 1995, Peter served as Director of Tourism Port Elizabeth (tourism marketing) and then as Regional Director of the South African Tourism Board in the Eastern Cape (tourism development).

In 1995 he developed the Peter Myles cc network of associated specialists in Southern Africa and other parts of the world to focus on major tourism development projects.

Maritime Clusters and the Ocean Economy:

An Integrated Approach to Managing Coastal and Marine Space

By Peter B. Myles

Over the last decade the concept of clustering has become a central idea for analyzing the competitiveness of nations, industries and firms. This book shows how the cluster concept can be usefully applied to the study of maritime activities.

Such activities, including shipping, shipbuilding and port and maritime services, are clearly geographically concentrated in a number of maritime clusters. However, as the author shows, these are having to compete with other uses of the coasts and oceans including capture fisheries, marine aquaculture, offshore energy and tourism. Sound governance and planning is therefore required to manage the competing claims for ocean space. The book shows how competing industries and other stakeholders can cooperate and benefit from an integrated approach to the development of maritime clusters.

The contribution of approaches such as integrated coastal zone management and innovations such as ocean business councils, as well as coordinated networks of maritime clusters are reviewed. Case studies are included from around the world, including detailed examples of the development of the Nelson Mandela Bay Maritime Cluster in South Africa and from Poland in the Baltic Sea.

Table of Contents

1. Collaborative Economic Development

2. The Growing Multi-Use Ocean

3. Management Strategies within a MSP Framework

4. Managing Conflicts of Interest

5. Marine and Coastal Aquaculture

6. Marine Renewable Energy in the Context of Sustainable Oceans

7. Integrated Coastal Zone Management

8. Small Island Developing States (SIDS)

9. Ocean Governance and the Blue Economy

10. The Ocean Business Community

11. Organized Ocean Business

12. Tourism in Coastal Areas

13. Maritime Clusters Cooperating to Compete

14. Constructing a Local Maritime Cluster

15. Maritime Cluster Networks

16. Clusters and Stewardship

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The areas that Peter specialises in includes:

Coastal & Marine Tourism

Desert Tourism

Agricultural Tourism

Tourism Clusters & Strategic Planning

Responsible Tourism

Tourism Development Plans


Tourism Research & Industry Intelligence

Conservation Tourism

Tourism Sector & Marketing Plans

Heritage Tourism

Capacity Building

Community Based Tourism

Customised Training Programs

Institutional Arrangements & Organizational Design

Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plans



2018: Tourism Specialist: NWP Socio-Economic Impact of Tourism. Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism and Eco Africa. North West Province.

2018: Tourism Specialist: Identifying the Role of Local Government in the Development and Management of Marine Resources. Urban Econ and LGSETA. South Africa.

2018: Coastal & Marine Tourism Specialist: African Blue Economy, Fish Trade and Leadership Symposium, for 30 selected postgraduate Award Fellows. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Government of Australia, and University of Wollongong. Mauritius.

2018: Steering Committee Member: Indi-Atlantic Coastal Route extending from Mozambique to Namibia. National Department of Tourism. South Africa.

2017: OR Tambo District Tourism Master Plan Eastern Cape

2017: Feasibility Studies Community Based LED Projects Northern Cape Province